About Us

Established in 2018 kineticann set to make a statement in the uprising cannabis market.  A statement of professionalism, novelty, high standard and above all a statement of sustainability and care.

Kineticann once known as Kaneh-b has delivered a known brand and numerous wellness products to market before focusing on the questions of oral consumption.

the people

Ofer Segal

Mr. Segal brings 25 years’ experience in executive management. Well recognized in the Cannabis European market. Under his leadership the company completed an IP transaction deal.
Area of expertise: Fund Raising, Management, Team leading, Marketing, Entrepreneurship.

Tsachi Kapp (MSc)


Area of expertise: molecular biology, cannabis, microencapsulation, food products.

Esther Krief

Head of Application development
Mrs. Krief brings 12 years’ experience as a food engineer. In her last position she served as a food scientist for Coca Cola, Israel’s R&D department
Area of expertise: Food development , Food production, R&D.

Ram (PHD) Reifen

Head of science / chairman of the board
Prof' Riefen brings 40 years’ experience in gastrointestinal medicine, and deep expertise in research, protocols, trials and testing.
Area of expertise: molecular biology, Entrepreneurship Team managment, microencapsulation, food products.

Amnon Shaked

Board member- finance and business development
Mr. Shaked has served as CFO and CEO of major Israeli companies and has led multiple start-ups. He has both a proven track record in successfully structuring and closing deals.
Area of expertise: Team managment, finance, marketing, business development.

Yehuda Buckwald

Board member - Regulatory and legal manager
Mr. Buckwald brings 25 years’ experience as a corporate lawyer and has deep expertise in regulatory issues.
Area of expertise: contracts, Regulatory expert.

Jacob Gur

Board member
Mr. Gur is a seasoned entrepreneur with broad experience in construction and logistics. He oversees acquisition and inventory.
Area of expertise: Entrepreneur,
Trade, Negotiation,

Lior Haiman

Board member
Mr. Haiman brings over 20 years of managing a large scale Israeli business.
Area of expertise: Trade, Negotiation, Management.

Azulai Moshe

Board member
Mr. Azulai is an experienced lawyer and businessman closely familiar with corporate law.
Area of expertise: contracts, Regulatory expert.
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