Frequently Asked Questions

It is becoming acknowledged that food is not merely for nutrition and more functional foods appear supporting our health and wellness.
Cannabis is probably one of the best medicinal herbs known to mankind. If we are to harness its benefits, we could get more of our foods.

We look at cannabis and its components as a base for food ingredients, therefor we develop our ingredients according to all food regulations and protocols (FDA, CE etc.). our ingredients are safe, more stable, adequate for all scales of food companies, and consider what is the most important issue for foods & beverages: flavor & fragrance.

We deliver the best ingredient to each food category and each individual product by assuring the right solution (formula & SOP) to the product. We then can produce ourselves in our facilities or work with 3rd party manufacturing.

Food & Beverage  companies that want to have their products enhanced with cannabinoids  in a regulated and safe manner. Cannabis edible companies that want to upgrade their portfolio.

Yes, we can use ure existing product or develop one for you.

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